We are located in the Buffalo Shopping Center in Buffalo, Tx. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 (903)322-1973 Call or stop by today!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas Workshop

Tim Holtz has a another 12 Tags of Christmas for this year! They are gorgeous and I want all of us to have them! How cool will they look on the gifts you've worked so hard to make your friends and family? This workshop will be an all day affair giving you all the supplies and techniques to make these wonderful tags. You will get 12 kits the day of the workshop and bump up your scrapbooking stash with awesome materials for future projects! Here are nine pictures of the tags he has posted so far to give you a great idea of what the workshop will entail. As soon as all are posted, I will set a date and cost. Remember, 90% of the materials used will be yours to keep! Check out the website calendar and contact us to let us know if you want to attend this workshop on http://www.myphotoliciousgifts.com/

Friday, November 20, 2009

An Uncheezed Website

Wow! I have to first brag on a website you have to be familiar with, and that's "The Cutest Blog On the Site"- they also have http://www.tcsotb.com/. They design and created the site. There were some kinks and glitches and Brick spent on hour in online chat and fixed everything quickly and smoothly for me. Even a calendar program he was not familiar with and was not bought from them. And the best part was their price!

So the new site has pictures of the store, teacher bios linked to their blogs, a scheduling and booking calendar with upcoming events, and a ton of ways to contact us, find us, and follow us! The gallery will be ready soon.

Come check it out! For those not familiar with Photolicious yet- you will meet some of the nicest and talented ladies "round these here parts" in classes and crops! Come have fun with us!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

About Me

So I am getting the blog to look the way I want to. A few more things yet to change or add. I have a lot to update, but we had a small class tonight where we were able to visit quite a bit. That was really fun, partly because most got to remenicing about loved ones that have past on. I stayed quiet though because I would loose it.

I had scrapbooked for about five years (back in the day when you mounted directly to the page, whether it be grey or white. The kids got involved in every sport imaginegeable and I into coaching some of them, at least one season.

Some of you may not know, part of my drive of getting back into scrapbooking was due to two important members of my family passing away. My first family death, was my little sweet sixteen sister, Denny La Ree. She died of a Ventricular Septal Defect and Primary Pulminary Hypertension.

It was in the middle of Soccer season. Doug and I drove to Missouri while she was in the hospital in St. Louis. Sat with her and mom. Doug watched "Home Alone 2" with her from the hospital VHS collection. She was going to be in awhile, so Doug I drove back to Texas-after picking up my little sister, Jacey and little brother, Jeramiah. The plan was to come home just for a few days until next check came in. We drove straight through to get home, came in the early morning. Took the kiddos for Soccer pictures. Had several games went home to get some sleep finally when Mom called and said Denny had a stroke. We drove to Dallas as fast as we could got the four of us on a plane. We arrived in St. Louis around noon. Spent the day again with Denny.

This was the first time Jacey and Jeramiah had seen her in the hospital. One of us was always in the room with her that day, April 24th. Finally, we decided to all go to the Ronald McDonald house for showers and grab a bite to eat. It had been days since us adults had a shower. We were all together at a table in the RMcD kitchen eating, we started remenicing and laughing and I went into crying. Someone asked why I was crying, and mom already knew and teared up and said, "She wishes Denny was hear instead of that hospital bead to enjoy this time."

We went up stairs started our "check in with home" calls and received an emergency break through, Denny's nurse said to get back there quick. Security tried to stop mom from running past him without signing in. She got into the room just a minute or two after Denny was gone. Denny's regular nurse that did all of her case work and got her on the transplant list and kept her on that list even after she stroked, had been off work and out getting drunk because she knew it was soon for Denny and she couldn't handle it. When she got the call, she came straight from the bar, and climbed up in the bed with Denny's body. If you know my, BriAnna LaRee, then you know a piece of Denny. The same sweet sweet nature. The best and most loyal friend any girl could have in her life.

The next family member I lost by June, a little over a year later, was my mom-- my best friend. I won't go into the details. She was diagnosed in stage 4 of all kinds of Cancers. I had told Doug to expect mom to age 10 years in the next year but I sure didn't expect her to be gone!

The last time my kids saw Denny was early March where she held an Easter Egg hunt for the kids since we wouldn't be back for Easter. Easter was the end of March that year, she passed April 24th. The picture in my blog header is the last picture with my mom which was Easter of the year she died. Again, the last time my kids saw her.

I am one of the people that want to get back into this but have a lot of catching up to do, including getting all mom's pictures scanned in and make something for all my siblings to have so maybe they can all remember where they came from and start making some wiser decisions for their lives. As well as my youngest son who has nothing for a scrapbook. So with the rest of you, I will start with today and go backwards.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Changing Background

I have alot to post, but the background is bugging me. Let me get it all fixed sometime today, then I'll get everything else posted.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photolicious is Moving!

Buffalo, TX 75831

Nikki Sivils will come to Photolicious Grand Opening IF

Clear this date on your calendar, Friday, October 16th. We may have the honor of having Nikki Sivils at our Grand Opening in the new location--to share a hour & 1/2  make and take project using her collections. As well as,  a mini album class (2 hrs) for using her "Northern Lights" paper for Christmas. She will be coming to Houston and San Antonio and asked her if she'd squeeze us in. She will extend her trip a day if we can get 15 - 30 willing Welcomers and see us first!  We need to show her a proper Texas welcome. Her class will be $25. Have to know quickly on this so she can schedule her plane ticket appropriately. Let me also mention that she has some give aways for you.
As well as, I do. One great give away for the night (if 100 tickets are entered) is the BRAND NEW GYPSY! It will come with it's very own bag, car charger, the Don Juan cartridge(only available w/ the Create), plus the two Gypsy exclusive cartridges already downloaded to it. I have listed below how you can earn ticket entries. If you don't win this night, there are two more chances to win in November and December. I also have one for the store available to you during crops.

Drawing for the Gypsy

For every $20 spent                           1 ticket
For bringing a friend in or referral     1 ticket
For every friend signed up & attended a class 3 tickets
For every friend signed up & attended a crop 3 tickets
For every class you sign up & attended        3 tickets
For every crop you sign up for & attend       3 tickets
For renting a Work Box area ea mo              5 tickets
For renting a Display area ea mo                   5 tickets


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monthly Crop Rental Space

Photolicious is offering your own private full time crop area. We have listened to your wishes and are fulfilling them.
Finally have a place to be organized and work without interuption and dragging everything out to the dinner table. Stop trying to tote everything to your crops, you'll have it there already and a couple pages finished before the gals ever show up.

Watch this video, then come back and finish reading.
The Orgional Scrapbox

Photolicious is Moving Oct. 7th, 2009

Buffalo, TX 75831

Click on the picture, it will take you to the Google map. Click street view in the little box and you'll be able to see the front of the building.

It is 3,600 square feet! It will hold 20 tables to start. The retail space will be 1,000 sq ft of the footage.

We will hold private and public crops and classes. Scrapbook Consultants, Reps, Vendors, and Scrapbook clubs will be able to hold crops and classes in this great central Texas location!

Buffalo is located halfway between Dallas and Houston on I-45. An hour and half from Tyler, Bryan/College Station, and Waco. Thirty minutes from Madisonville, Palestine, Fairfield, Franklin, Normangee, Mexia and Groesbeck.

Perfect for day trips for ladies that do not want to stay overnight. But for the two day functions, there are three nice hotels right here offering great rates when you mention Photolicious when booking your room.

Photolicious will pay for the hostess room. And provide plenty of display space for displaying your products.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Reserve Now

Reserve the Gypsy by Provocraft with $50 and/ or the Creatopia by Xyron with $25. Which ever you choose, your reserved payment will give ya free accessories to go with either as a gift from Photolicious. And believe me, you will absolutely love the extras you get!

Friday, Sept. 4th is the deadline to preorder. Please don't hesitate, I don't want you to miss out on either of these awesome HOT items of the year!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Took advantage of a slow Saturday at the store and finished some loose ends on started projects and created the following page adapted from Shannon Tidwell's design on page 43 of this month's Scrapbooks etc.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Bazzill and Nikki Sivils

Bazzill already has Nikki Sivils on their "Match Maker" list! How exciting is that? Ofcourse, I found this while making an order with them today. So ofcourse, I am adding the matches to Victoria's Street and My Sweet Cherry Pie to my order.

Check it out: http://bazzillbasics.com/matchmaker/#nikkisilvilsscrapbooke

For those that love Just the Edge borders, Bazzill's has exciting new Holiday line for Halloween, Fall and Christmas. They also have awesome templates for placing crystal in the designs we love! This is just the beginning of fabulous CHA releases.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CHA Alternatives

I strongly considered going to Summer CHA 2009 mainly to see an old friend, Nikki Sivils. And to take in some of the seminars. But I had a hard time finding a buddy to tag along with me. Pazzles sent out a newsletter that they are not attending CHA either. They have some great show specials otherwise, and this will be a great opportunity to take the savings I would have spent on CHA traveling and gear up with Pazzles. I researched this awesome die cutting tool and can tell it will do more and cost less in the long run than a Cricut. This excites me!

Now my main concern is space ofcourse. I have been waiting oh so patiently for the business next to me to get moved out. I have such awesome ideas planned but cannot put them into action until I acquire more space! Wish it was as easy as Farmtown. LOL

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Ever Blog

I am new at this blog thing. I figured out how to "follow" the blogs I want so far. If you know of others I need to add let me know. I do not see a "search" for people option in here.

Now I need to figure out how to make my page as pretty as everyone elses. And placement on the page. I have already seen I need to change my signature because I didn't realize a friend had a similar one. Maybe I did but it's been so long since I seen it.

I really don't know if I have time to keep up with store website, myspace, facebook and now this blogger. Do I also have to create something in blogspot or is it the same thing? Do I make this blog personal or store specific? Or make a separate one for the store and keep up with it too? I can see now, myspace will get left in the trenches.