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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

About Me

So I am getting the blog to look the way I want to. A few more things yet to change or add. I have a lot to update, but we had a small class tonight where we were able to visit quite a bit. That was really fun, partly because most got to remenicing about loved ones that have past on. I stayed quiet though because I would loose it.

I had scrapbooked for about five years (back in the day when you mounted directly to the page, whether it be grey or white. The kids got involved in every sport imaginegeable and I into coaching some of them, at least one season.

Some of you may not know, part of my drive of getting back into scrapbooking was due to two important members of my family passing away. My first family death, was my little sweet sixteen sister, Denny La Ree. She died of a Ventricular Septal Defect and Primary Pulminary Hypertension.

It was in the middle of Soccer season. Doug and I drove to Missouri while she was in the hospital in St. Louis. Sat with her and mom. Doug watched "Home Alone 2" with her from the hospital VHS collection. She was going to be in awhile, so Doug I drove back to Texas-after picking up my little sister, Jacey and little brother, Jeramiah. The plan was to come home just for a few days until next check came in. We drove straight through to get home, came in the early morning. Took the kiddos for Soccer pictures. Had several games went home to get some sleep finally when Mom called and said Denny had a stroke. We drove to Dallas as fast as we could got the four of us on a plane. We arrived in St. Louis around noon. Spent the day again with Denny.

This was the first time Jacey and Jeramiah had seen her in the hospital. One of us was always in the room with her that day, April 24th. Finally, we decided to all go to the Ronald McDonald house for showers and grab a bite to eat. It had been days since us adults had a shower. We were all together at a table in the RMcD kitchen eating, we started remenicing and laughing and I went into crying. Someone asked why I was crying, and mom already knew and teared up and said, "She wishes Denny was hear instead of that hospital bead to enjoy this time."

We went up stairs started our "check in with home" calls and received an emergency break through, Denny's nurse said to get back there quick. Security tried to stop mom from running past him without signing in. She got into the room just a minute or two after Denny was gone. Denny's regular nurse that did all of her case work and got her on the transplant list and kept her on that list even after she stroked, had been off work and out getting drunk because she knew it was soon for Denny and she couldn't handle it. When she got the call, she came straight from the bar, and climbed up in the bed with Denny's body. If you know my, BriAnna LaRee, then you know a piece of Denny. The same sweet sweet nature. The best and most loyal friend any girl could have in her life.

The next family member I lost by June, a little over a year later, was my mom-- my best friend. I won't go into the details. She was diagnosed in stage 4 of all kinds of Cancers. I had told Doug to expect mom to age 10 years in the next year but I sure didn't expect her to be gone!

The last time my kids saw Denny was early March where she held an Easter Egg hunt for the kids since we wouldn't be back for Easter. Easter was the end of March that year, she passed April 24th. The picture in my blog header is the last picture with my mom which was Easter of the year she died. Again, the last time my kids saw her.

I am one of the people that want to get back into this but have a lot of catching up to do, including getting all mom's pictures scanned in and make something for all my siblings to have so maybe they can all remember where they came from and start making some wiser decisions for their lives. As well as my youngest son who has nothing for a scrapbook. So with the rest of you, I will start with today and go backwards.

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