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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monthly Crop Rental Space

Photolicious is offering your own private full time crop area. We have listened to your wishes and are fulfilling them.
Finally have a place to be organized and work without interuption and dragging everything out to the dinner table. Stop trying to tote everything to your crops, you'll have it there already and a couple pages finished before the gals ever show up.

Watch this video, then come back and finish reading.
The Orgional Scrapbox
Okay, so you love it right? It will also lock so no one can venture through your goodies.

Are the kids at practice and you don't want to sit around in town with nothing to do? Come in whenever the store is open and get in some "me" time with out having to drag everything out.

For the cost of 2-3 crops a month, you have 30 day access to create when ever you want. The cost is $75. For that amount, you get your own Workbox Scrapbox (biggest one they offer) which costs $1300-$1500 (color choice) + $300 shipping. A comfortable chair. And when available a separate 6 ' table to move to your station.

Ohhhh! and two more awesome "through in's". When ever we have a public crop- just come on in and join your friends. You may have to help them tote their stuff in though-you have to be polite and already have a couple of pages done.

Did I mention you get access to the Cricut and cartridges, Cuttlebug, big paper trimmer, YourStory and all the other tools we'll be adding to the work station?

We'll have 9 of these stations. And the spots are already planned in the floorplan. First come, first choice on where you want to be located. And if you want it by grand opening, let me know now.

For this price, if you have a crop room-you may want to clean it out and put a tanning bed in it. LOL

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